Our Vision

We think many distributors are plain and feature-less. We want to build a feature-rich platform, but still really simple, so the features aren't overwhelming. This of course comes with a lot of challenges. How to make services with so many features, without it also becoming overwhelming. Well, we start by only showing the user what they really need, then extra features slowly get introduced to the user, in a way that makes it seem simple, even though there's so many possibilities with Anti-Joy. We strive to build a platform not only for artists and bands, but also for record labels, streaming services and other distributors. We want to make distribution a more simple solution for everyone. We want to partner with the most recognized and loved brands, to create the best experience you will ever find when it comes to music and video distribution, as well as marketing and planning. Let's create a better future together with Anti-Joy.

Jonas Madsen, Founder & CEO of Anti-Joy