Free Music Distribution

Keep 100% of your royalties and ownership.


Distribute your music to all the major streaming services. Learn more about music distribution or video distribution.


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Watch your work grow, get paid (even ahead of time). Using AI technology we can pay you up to 3 months early.

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Wordwide Distribution

Distribute your music to more than 200+ stores worldwide.

Editorial Playlists

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Easily split royalties between band members, collaborators or producers. Learn more.


Sell your own merchandise to your fans using our manufacturing power. Vinyl, CDs, cassettes and clothing. Learn more.

We Do It Different
Your hard work, yours only.

We believe that artists deserve the right to keep all of their hard-earned money. That's why we don't take any commission, also you keep all the rights to your music too.

We Donate 30%

When you use Anti-Joy, you are supporting more than just a small business from Denmark. You are supporting people, animals, and enviroments all around the world, that needs help. Thank you for being so generous! Learn more.