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Teams is supposed to make royalty splitting for releases (and products) very easy. We don't take any fees for handling royalty splits, which some other distributors might do. We think you deserve to keep your royalties.


Create Teams Automatically Upload

Whenever you create a release, we will automatically create a team corresponding to that release.


Increcibly Easy Invite

Invite your bandmates, collaborators, producers, friends, etc. It couldn't be easier. We send them an email and they just have to click a link.


Simple Settings Split

Choose how much each invited member should get in percentage of each track.


Nothing To Worry About Get Paid

We make sure all the maths are correctly calculated, and proceed to pay all your invited members each month.

More Features Than Any Other Distributor
Why Choose Anti-Joy?
No Fees

We don't take any fees from your teams, you deserve to keep all your money.


Know how much each member has earned, how much they will earn, and much the team earned in total.

Smart Withdraw

Pay your members up to 3 months eariler than with any other distributor, based on AI technology.

Anti-Joy is how royalty splitting should be. Get started for free today.

Why Not?
It's Free.