Editorial Playlists
Playlisting is like word-of-mouth, it just works better than any other type of marketing.

We have a network with a lot of playlist curators. Get a chance to have your music heard by playlist curators, A&R and music professionals for free.

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Show your brand and give your fans something they can love.

We offer plently of tools to create and sell merchandise easily for your artist, band or record label. If you need extra cash for touring or other big projects, this is a great way to generate extra income.

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Music Video Distribution
Music videos is something your fans will love and watch again and again, making your song even more stuck in peoples head.

With Anti-Joy you can distribute your music videos to the largest music video network VEVO.

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Ad Campaigns
Get your music featured on music blogs, publications and other music services/websites.

Anti-Joy makes it easy and affordable to get your music out to new and interested listeners with a lot of different methods, that can help to accelerate your growth.

Music Promotion
Anti-Joy offers all neccessary tools to promote your music and gain new fans. We offer playlist marketing, ad campaigns, lyric distribution, music video distribution, merchandise, and more to help you get your name out there.
Anti-Joy is how music marketing should be. Get started for free today.

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