Anti-Joy Records

Artists Deserve Better
We believe at Anti-Joy Records that artists deserve to keep their rights and royalties. We offer the world's most friendly artist deals ever.
Jonas Madsen, Founder & CEO of Anti-Joy
Recording & Production Anti-Joy Records offers all you need to create a perfect mix. We have studios, engineers, and session musicians for your next project.
We'll make it happen

With our industry professionals we'll make sure your voice gets heard and that it's still your brand, idea and music. We are independent.

Brand Creation As part of your music career, your brand is key in making you differ from all other musicians on the market.
We understand you

We will make sure we create a brand that not only your fans, but also a brand that you will enjoy.

Release Planning When releasing your first album, single or just release something, it is very important you have a plan to maximize the probability of success.
We stand by your side

We help you create a release plan that will make sure your release gets out to as many potential and current fans as possible.

Marketing The last step to make you rule the waves of the music industry, we invest in marketing on your behalf, because we believe in your success.
We believe in growth

Anti-Joy Records works with the same tools as any other industry professional, it's time to show the world what you can do.

There isn't really a list of requirements. It all just comes down to the quality of the music you create, and whether we believe it has potential. We mostly work with genres: Indie, Rock and Pop.
When you distribute your music using Anti-Joy, we listen to all tracks that seems to have some buzz, if we then find that the artist or band has potential, we'll get in touch via email or physical mail.
There really isn't a catch. When the contract expires you regain full ownership of your release(s) and that of course, includes that we'll no longer take any of your royalties. We believe this is how record labels should be.
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