When you are about to upload music to Anti-Joy, you need to have the following ready Artwork needs to be 3000x3000 pixels in jpeg or png format. Audio file(s) for each track (WAV or FLAC only, 44.1kHz sample rate) Metadata (Language, release title, songwriters, artist names/URLs, etc.) Common mistakes that people make (in no particular order) You don't need to add the Primary Artist as a feature in Additional Artist(s). Your artwork must not be smaller than 3000x3000. Album language is the language of the title, artwork, etc. whereas the track language, is the language of the lyrics, etc. You CANNOT distribute music that contains copyrighted material unless you have the necessary license(s). When we ask for your artist(s) Spotify URL/URI, please don't send a link to an already released album or your Spotify account, it's not the same, if you haven't distributed music before, leave it blank. Under tracks, when adding songwriters, producers can be stage names, but composers and lyricists CAN'T. They need to be real full names (ex. Jeff Buckley). Also, if you need to add multiple lyricists, producers, songwriters, features, etc. don't put them all in one with commas like this: "Writer1, Writer2, Writer3", you need to add a songwriter for each writer. Your artwork can only contain text that is the release title and artist name (features, etc.), DO NOT include the release date, QR codes, social media, phone numbers, etc. When you have everything you need to get started, go to the Upload page.
Updated: 9th October, 2021

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